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We Have Good Friends in High Places is Libertas Nina’s testimony of the greatness of God she has served and continues to do so as a part of her spiritual journey. The book empowers the readers as it attempts to help people find their way to God, who has been lost in their journey.


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Libertas Nina

The author Libertas Nina is like any of us who has faced many challenges in her life and never gave up even after some of the biggest losses. The author was born in the Holy Mountains of Appalachia, raised by Shaman wolves in the Carolinas, and trained in the military in her youth. Libertas went on a Holy Excursion of Faith, a parade of churches, and that’s when she began to question things happening to her.

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We have Good Friends In High Places

We Have Good Friends in High Places will take you on a spiritual journey, which shows every phase of faith and religious beliefs that evolves with time. This book is Libertas’ contribution to helping you find God. It will remind you that the world is temporary and the afterlife is eternal, so we should focus more on making that eternal life peaceful by working for it in this life.

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We have Good Friends In High Places

Here is the official video trailer of the book about the spiritual journey we all go through at some point in our lives. This book unravels our doubts, questions, and thoughts while thinking about God. This book will answer queries we usually hesitate to ask and say out loud maybe because we are scared that others will think about us or maybe feel dumb while asking because you might feel the question is just not making sense.


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