About The Author

Libertas Nina

The author Libertas Nina is like any of us who has faced many challenges in her life and never gave up even after some of the biggest losses. The author was born in the Holy Mountains of Appalachia, raised by Shaman wolves in the Carolinas, and trained in the military in her youth. Libertas went on a Holy Excursion of Faith, a parade of churches, and that’s when she began to question things happening to her.

Libertas even got to a point where she started questioning God, a phase we all can understand on a personal level. In her new book, Libertas preached the importance of religion so beautifully that you can instantly connect to it. She is an educator for both young and old. Libertas described her journey, which took her toward God and wants to be a way to give answers to those who have confusion and misunderstandings related to it.