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We have Good Friends In High Places

We Have Good Friends in High Places is Libertas Nina’s testimony of the greatness of God she has served and continues to do so as a part of her spiritual journey. The book empowers the readers as it attempts to help people find their way to God, who has been lost in their journey.

Libertas has dedicated all her life to spreading the message of God amongst his creation that roams around Earth. Her intentions are rooted in the welfare of humanity but need a reminder about the vastness of the Universe they inhabit along with the mystical history that took place before humankind was sent to Earth.

Spiritual warfare is a recurring subject emphasized and explained in We Have Good Friends in High Places, primarily based on in-depth research, a passion for faith, and testimony.

Libertas has aimed at helping people nurture their connection to God accompanied by an informed opinion about His creation and capabilities. We Have Good Friends in High Places marks Libertas’ debut at writing as she pens the book to bridge the gap between the readers and the one who created them.


We have Good Friends In High Places

We Have Good Friends in High Places will take you on a spiritual journey, which shows every phase of faith and religious beliefs that evolves with time. This book is Libertas’ contribution to helping you find God. It will remind you that the world is temporary and the afterlife is eternal, so we should focus more on making that eternal life peaceful by working for it in this life.

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